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   Message From Chairman

Along with the fact that China is gradually becoming a global manufacturing centre, the needs for international logistics service are increasing significantly. To catch this opportunity, China Post and Australia Post jointly set up Sai Cheng Logistics International Co., Ltd. In Shanghai in February 2005 to bring the network advantages of both Posts into play aiming at current customers and specific markets with international operation, and to re-engineer and integrate the supply chain from China to Australia into a one stop service model?for customers. On this basis, the JV Company will enter the global logistics market.

The establishment of Sai Cheng Logistics International Co., Ltd. Will increase the value of logistics and supply chain management of both Posts, making it possible for both sides to extend their national logistics services into the global market. The JV will satisfy the needs of key accounts for one stop service? Deepen and enlarge the co-operations with key accounts and increase competence in target markets. At the same time, it will continue to promote cooperation between China Post and Australia Post as well as the development of economic and trade relations between China and Australia.

Sai Cheng Logistics International Co., Ltd. Will inherit the good service tradition of China Post and Australia Post with an advanced service concept of logistics to provide integrated logistics and supply chain solutions which will exceed the expectations of customers on the basis of faith and sincerity to grow together with customers.



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