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    Qantas Freight partners with Sai Cheng Logistics International to transport Chinese airmail
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Qantas Freight partners with Sai Cheng Logistics International to transport Chinese airmail
Sydney/Shanghai, 17 May 2017 - Qantas Freight has entered into a one year agreement with Sai Cheng Logistics International (Sai Cheng) to fly airmail weekly out of China to the United States.
Sai Cheng is a joint venture company between Australia Post and China Post, which provides an integrated logistics solution for Chinese customers to overseas markets including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the US, Europe and South America. The new agreement builds on the longstanding Australia Post and Qantas relationship, which includes contracts for the transport of Australian international outbound mail as well as a dedicated domestic air freighter network.
The airmail from China Post will be airlifted from China Post’s hubs of Shanghai and Hong Kong to various points in the United States by Qantas Freight using our Boeing 747-400 freighter network from Shanghai and our belly capacity out of Hong Kong via Australia. Qantas Freight currently operates four freighter services per week from Shanghai to the USA, including stops in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Dallas Fort Worth.
Executive Manager Qantas Freight, Catering and Australia Airports, Alison Webster said the airline was excited to be working with Sai Cheng.
“We’ve been flying freight between China and the US for the past 14 years with a triangular freighter route that operates four times per week between Australia – China – the US – Australia.
“The variety of freight we carry on this freighter network is extensive – including medical equipment, fresh produce, online shopping, mining equipment, racehorses and even the occasional helicopter.
“The uplift of China Post airmail is a welcome addition to our network and reinforces that the routing we operate is aligned to our customer needs,” said Ms Webster.
General Manager of Sai Cheng Jonathan Qiao said he was really pleased to be partnering with Qantas Freight.
“We collect more than fifty tonnes of airmail each week across China bound for the US. Our customers seek a fast and reliable service and Qantas’ service frequency and freight network to the US allows us to deliver just that. ”
“With thirteen warehouses spread across eight cities in China, this partnership will strengthen our growing network, connecting Chinese consumers with the world.”
About Qantas Freight
Qantas Freight Enterprises is the international and domestic air freight division of the Qantas Group and employs 1300 staff across the globe.
Qantas Freight markets the freight capacity on Qantas and Jetstar Airways passenger aircraft as well as operating a fleet of fourteen dedicated freighters to supplement capacity on key domestic and international routes.
Qantas Freight directly services 38 international destinations in 18 countries. Through our partnerships with other airlines Qantas Freight markets freight capacity to over 500 destinations worldwide.  Across Australia customers have an extensive choice of over 5000 flights per week to more than 80 destinations.
As well as being Australia’s leading cargo carrier, Qantas Freight is also Australia’s leading airfreight cargo terminal operator. Qantas Freight's network of 86 cargo terminals provides ground handling to the Qantas Group and 29 third party airlines.
About Sai Cheng Logistics International
Sai Cheng Logistics International is Australia Post’s joint venture with China Post. Established in 2005, the head-office is based at Shanghai, China. Sai Cheng is a third party logistics provider that helps businesses across the globe to operate reliable, fast and sustainable channels to and from China.
With thirteen warehouses spread across eight major capital cities in China, Sai Cheng offers cross-border eCommerce solutions for business-to-consumer and business-to-business customers.
Sai Cheng operates its own self-developed warehousing management system (Phoenix), implements scan packing, carton association, end carrier labelling, customer’s brokerage, stock management and global track and trace. Sai Cheng has evolved into a bilateral trade movement between Australia and China through its eCommerce flagship store Tmall, selling products such as wine, almonds and fresh mangos.
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