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    Strategic Cooperation with Zhejiang Dayuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd
2016/6/6  Clicks:62  
On 17th May, 2016, at Meijiawu, in Zhejiang, Sai Cheng Logistics International signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Dayuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd
The agreement was signed between Mr Zhen Sun (the right person of the photo below) , Managing Director of Zhejiang Dayuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd and Jonathan Qiao(the left person of the photo below), general manager of Sai Cheng Logistics International Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Dayuan is one of the key cold chain suppliers who specialized on offering one-stop services from purchasing to customs declaration, quarantine declaration, storage, and last mile deliveries etc. The logistics flows, information flows and capital flows are well managed in integrated and internationalized methods. It has obtained business licenses issued by ministry of commerce for importing milk products, meat and aquatic products; verification qualification certificates issued by departments of quarantine, customs and foreign currency administration; and food circulation permit. As a specialist of cold chain supplier, Dayuan is committed to “Offering Safe Quality Food in China that Procured Globally”. It has extensive experiences for years on offering consumers with fresh quality food and green agricultural products guaranteed that procured globally.
It demonstrates the determination of Sai Cheng on achieving  “Integrated Logistics Supply Chains” thoroughly as forging strategic business partnerships with any third parties as well as a forever pursuit of it’s motto on “Exceed Customers Expectation and Deliver as Promised

It’s a milestone in terms of both parties agreed that working together closely at the form of a Win-Win situation to jointly explore any potential market opportunities in future.
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