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    Sai Cheng Logistics International and TSBE 2016 - Access China
2016/12/13  Clicks:82  
It is a great honor that Sai Cheng Logistics International participates in Access China 2016 Event organized by TSBE (Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise) on 24th October, 2016. TSBE is an independent regional economic development organization formed by forward-thinking business and industry leaders to empower the local business community and promote sustainable economic growth, covering industries of agriculture, animal husbandry, building and construction, metallurgy and mining, transportation, food, personal protective equipment, tourism, education and training, etc.
Sai Cheng Logistics International is a joint venture between China Post and Australia Post that is committed to one-stop supply chain solutions. On the opening day of the event, representatives of the supply chain business department of Sai Cheng Logistics International took part in the event and made a company presentation during the presentation and Q & A session. Over the meeting intervals, they also actively networking with Australian business representatives with the expectation that new business cooperation patterns and situations can be further opened.
On 25th,October, 2016, there are nearly 30 foreign friends visiting Sai Cheng Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, and another nearly 100 people visited Sai Cheng Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Bonded Zone in Xiasha. Saicheng Hangzhou and Waigaoqiao management made a detailed introduction to warehouse management, bonded business and cross-border business operation and answered customers’ questions at length, which had left a deep impression on the customers. There was lots of active interaction on site and foreign friends have expressed their strong business interest in cross-border business.
Australia's largest media company ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), as well as the Queensland newspaper and other Australian news media and their journalists also visited along with the delegates. After the visit, Mr. Charlie Yin is cordially interviewed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation and expressed his deeper cooperation intent with Australia enterprises at various levels to achieve mutual complementation and long term development.
This event has further strengthened Sai Cheng’s determination to become a one-stop solution provider for China-Australia corridor as a joint venture between China Post and Australia Post and expand its presence in Australia. It also makes us aware that there still a long way to go to be a top one-stop logistics service provider and we will endeavor to continuously improve ourselves to meet requirements of various industries for one-stop logistics.
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