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    Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the 2017Saicheng Annual Conference
2017/1/20  Clicks:62  
On the evening of January 16, 2017, the 2017 annual conference held in Shanghai. General manager Mr. Jonathan Qiao, deputy general manager Ms. DengLu, Ms. Zhu Wenxi, director of Finance and other corporate leaders attended the annual meeting.
The annual meeting, the general manager of the company Mr. Jonathan Qiao for everyone to do a wonderful new year message. Mr.Jonathan Qiao reviewed the course of 2016, affirmed the achievements and prospects.Outlook 2017, presents us with higher goals and requirements. And wish the company more success.
The company's development is inseparable from the hard work of every employee.It is one of the most important link in the company to ten years old employees awarded the "hard ten years, stand together through storm and stress" award.These employees are Lily Dai, Rain Wu, Andy Peng, Ricky Chen, Wen Juzhen, Wang Lin. They contribute to the development of their own wisdom and strength, the most valuable life and dedication to the enterprise.They ten years as one day to stick to their posts, for the rapid development of the enterprise to work hard, this spirit is worth learning all the staff, admiration and moved. According to  general manager Qiao  introduced the company will make gold coins to honor and gratitude these old employees.
Mr. Jonathan Qiao and Ms. Deng Lu also for the company's first tournament cup finals badminton finals national championship runner up award. They are the men's team champion  Iven Chen from Shanghai , first runner-up is Huang Wensheng  from Shenzhen, the women's team champion is Tang Jieping from Shenzhen,优博娱乐老虎机,优博娱乐APP,优博娱乐: the first runner-up is Lin Dongchun.
Of course, the year will be inseparable from the most attractive draw links, the lottery in the company's supply chain business department of the strong support of the preparation of a wealth of prizes. Sweepstakes is divided into three rounds, the draw level is divided into third-prize, two prize and special prize, and everyone has a sunny award. Award winning rate of up to 22%, really everyone has a prize, everyone is happy, warm atmosphere of the scene.
At the same time, the versatile Saicheng elite who have debut, showing their skills. The Shenzhen subsidiary of colleagues to bring the singing program and  "Zhen Huan biography" to sketch the whole party to a climax.
Fireworks is the gorgeous color, singing is the moving melody of the new year! This is a happy event, not only shows the staff positive outlook, but also show the company harmonious corporate culture, but also to convey the company in the new year to realize the ambition fly lofty ideals and high aspirations!
Looking back on 2016, for every one of us can not forget, she gave us hope, harvest, more important is to give us the experience of growth. In the future, we  usher in a better tomorrow. We firmly believe that: our cause will be able to prosper, the game will be more beautiful tomorrow!
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