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    Sai Cheng attends Exhibition 2017 Cross-Border e-commerce Sellers
2017/8/3  Clicks:76  

Sai Cheng attends Exhibition 2017 Cross-Border e-commerce Sellers

As a cross-border e-commerce service provider which is to provide integrated supply chain logistics solutions, Sai Cheng has long been exploring and analyzing "bottlenecks" of e-commerce sellers, and consequently to provide the integrated solutions to the sellers via multiple channels.

On June 13th, Sai Cheng Logistics International makes its first appearance in 2017 Cross-Border e-commerce sellers annual meeting, with the theme of "Powering Cross-Border Omni-channel Retailing ". Sai Cheng, a huge draw of interest and attention of sellers, gained the recognition by the organizers, promotes the company's brand awareness.

As a joint venture between China Post and Australia Post, Sai Cheng brought "kangaroo" dolls, symbols of Australia as a souvenir to this exhibition.

Souvenirs on the Sai Cheng booth

With sellers coming from every large e-commerce platform, Sai Cheng team members warmly receives, positively responds to the sellers' inquiries, fully demonstrating the Sai Cheng teams professionalism and uplifting spirit.    

Sai Cheng team members explain logistics solutions to the customers 

As one of Sai Chengs long-term supplier, Qantas Airways and Sai Cheng Logistics International have been in close contact all the time. On the exhibition, the Director of Qantas in Hong Kong, Margaret leads her team in discussing and communicating with Sai Cheng team members on related problems about aerial supply chain.

Margaretfourth from leftand our team

During the exhibition, Ricky Chen, Marketing& Strategy Director of Sai Chen, and the activity sponsor Mark Ren exchanged views on current logistics bottlenecks on cross-border e-commerce and initiatives by Sai Cheng.

" With the competition in the cross-border e-commerce becoming increasingly fierce, competition will eventually become competition as well as cooperation between Cross-Border Omni-channel Retailing and local retail, with the restructuring of the consumers, goods and scenarios, cross-border retail will be more rich in scenarios in the future. Sellers need the personalized intelligent logistics channels to support their Omni-channel dream, and a supply chain partner with shared vision to upgrade the cognition, reshape the cross-border retail value chain." Ricky Chen said, "Thats why we defined this activity as the ' Powering Cross-Border Omni-channel Retailing ' theme in the first place."

Ricky Chen with the activity sponsor, Mark Ren 

After two days of the show, this exhibition comes to a successful close. Sai Cheng team members understand more of the cross-border e-commerce sellers bottlenecks in logistics and requirements, and the issues in the current logistics services. In the future, Sai Cheng will continue to focus on cross-border e-commerce logistics services, continue to provide customized integrated logistics solutions for customers, be the supply chain think tank to sellers. 

Sai Cheng team at the exhibition

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