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   International Freight

Sai Cheng is continually improving the service capability for international freight by optimizing and integrating resources of both home and abroad, leveraging on the network advantages of both Posts.

As a NVOCC approved by the Ministry of Communications PRC, Sai Cheng has established an operational platform covering the major ports, with an emphasis on Shanghai and Shenzhen, featuring on Australia lines, European lines and Asia lines.

Sai Cheng has acquired the First Category Transport Certificate from CATA, developed space contracting cooperation with China Post Airlines from Pudong to Osaka as well as other courses, and set up air freight service capability in Pudong Airport especially for Japan, European and Australia lines.

Apart from Australia Post who is the agent for Sai Cheng in Australia, Sai Cheng has also set up overseas agent network in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and India, providing customers with door to door international freight services.


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